Sunday, May 24, 2015

Stade France, Paris 23 May 2015 - Night Report

What a show tonight! Definitely the best audience and venue of the tour so far. The French know how to rock, especially at an AC/DC concert. Of course, it wasn't as good as a small venue like Bercy but still much better than Holland and Germany. The crowd was singing loud, jumping and there was also a small "pogo section" (where we were of course). We knew that and we also know the Spanish crowd will be even better but Paris is always special...

The band's performance was great as usual tonight but comparing to the previous two shows we attended the band looked a bit tired, especially Brian. Apparently there were a couple of technical problems with the sound (Baptism by Fire), and this affected Brian.

Angus was just incredible tonight, especially in the second half. We can always see the extra work he puts into each show now that he is the only leader...

Friday, May 22, 2015

Olympiastadion, Munich 21 May 2015 - NIGHT REPORT

Another great night of rock'n'roll in one of the best outdoor music venues in Europe, the Olympiastadion! It rained again during the afternoon but it stopped about an hour before the band got on stage. So we were lucky. Fantastic show performance again! Brian was not energetic as two days ago but it was still a hell of a performance.

Angus came out in his brown suit, dropped his cap during Shoot to Thrill and did some new moves, including coming back on the catwalk during Highway to Hell. There was a minor but no mistake during High Voltage. He used the new SG again.

Tomorrow will leave Munich and drive to Paris with our Argentinian friends Christian and Ezequiel!

Rock on!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Olympiastadion, Munich 19 May 2015 - OFFICIAL REPORT

Olympiastadion, Munich 19 May 2015

1. Rock or Bust
2. Shoot to Thrill
3. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
4. Back in Black
5. Play Ball
6. Dirty Deeds
7. Thunderstruck
8. High Voltage
9. Rock 'n ' Roll Train
10. Hells Bells
11. Baptism By Fire
12. Shook Me
13. Sin City
14. Shot Down in Flames
15. Have a Drink on Me
16. TNT
17. Rosie
18. Let There Be rock
19. Highway to Hell
20. For Those About to Rock

AC/DC are back in Munich after 6 years! We lost Phil, we lost Malcolm but the Rock'n'Roll is still there. No doubt about it. And those who say "AC/DC is not the same anymore" are just people who don't want to see the truth. AC/DC is still the greatest live rock band in the world! And they proved it in Munich again!

The band has performed very well, despite the heavy rain which didn't stop not even for a minute.

Honestly, we don't recall Brian being so energetic and wild during the Black Ice Tour, jumping and dancing like crazy, as he did yesterday and in Arnhem. He must be taking some special "legal drugs" designed for classic rockers... :)

Angus is now the only leader, with all the responsibilities that go with it. He looks super focused and attentive to every detail. Unlike Coachella where many things were improvised (or looked like that) all his moves and sounds are now becoming part of the typical AC/DC concert routine.

Stevie, Chris and Cliff are definitely less powerful than the previous line up but 90% of concert goers will never notice. And in the end it's the Rock'n'Roll that count.

The German audience was "sleepy" as usual, no pogo or jumping. I guess we will have to wait Spain for that (and we have time to get back in shape too, as we are also a bit rusty after so many years).

A few comments about the new stage production. We said we like the new stage concept which is a mix of Razor's Edge and Stiff Upper Lip. Maybe there is less interaction with the audience but we do love the simplicity of it. The new lights are just amazing. There are flames during Highway to Hell but we would love to see them back on T.N.T as well.

The intro video rocks. We would love to hear "Angus, Angus, Angus" actually chanted but the audience and not only by the sound system... Probably we have to wait till southern Europe.

For the records Angus changed three different guitars, maybe due to the rain and/or to some technical issue.. He played the first 7 songs with the first guitar, High Voltage, Rock'n'Roll Train and Hells Bells with the second mysterious orange guitar (SG Sunburst, according to our sources). Highway to Hell and FTATR with the black and white guitar.

Tomorrow day 2!


It was great to catch up in Munich with all those friends from the Black Ice Tour. So many memories, from Hammersmith 2003 to Rock or Bust....


Orangus was finally spotted and photographed! Apparently, he keeps traveling across Germany (his favorite country) with his car and bike. We met him near the Munich main train station. He justified his lack of communication with us due to some missadventures in Czech Republic and Germany including with police officers who could not speak any English... He was stopped and tested for alcohol and drugs several times (he doesn't drink at all and his only drugs are AC/DC and Opera/Art Galleries). No jailbreak needed this time...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Olympiastadion, Munich 19 May 2015 - NIGHT REPORT

Stormy May Day

“And the Party starts right now!”- Brian Johnson 19 May 2015

History repeats itself. Especially with AC/DC. We couldn't imagine that it would rain so much tonight in Munich... Much more than in 2009. But the band didn't seem to care...

AC/DC Abruzzo is back on the road after Arnhem and we are going to keep going until it will be humanly possible (and inform you).

For the moment here's some exclusive pictures. Report tomorrow.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

NUREMBERG 8/05/2015 + Exclusive Videos from Arnhem

Orangus is back!

After Arnhem, AC/DC rocked Nuremberg! Our special envoy Orangus was there and described the band's performance as:

"Brian was better in Holland".

We've known Orangus since Hammersmith 2003. He is not very talkative and he is a fan who always combines history and culture with any AC/DC tour, visiting museums, art galleries and opera houses and often getting late to shows. He was pretty excited about attending a concert in a venue of high historic value such as the Zeppelinfeld!

Anyway, we heard that Angus (still in a red suit) stripped for the first time for this tour. The new stage seems to serve the purpose pretty well for outdoor concerts even for huge crowds like this. No change in the setlist.

More to come....

(c) Orangus 2015


Sin City

Dirty Deeds

Have a Drink on me

Baptism by Fire

Play Ball

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Angus Vintage cap

The Monsters of Rock are back! Outstanding performance of the greatest band in the world! Brian was so energetic and hyperactive that he even dropped his hat while jumping wildly... Best songs of the night: HIGH VOLTAGE, SIN CITY, LET THERE BE ROCK (with the new catwalk that is elevated only for the last few songs. We loved the new intro animated video and new stage set up). Rock or Bust is not as powerful as other openers that it is totally fine...

New stage

Mr Thunderstruck is back!
High Voltage

New Rosie 
Set list with "extras" by Shoot to Phil

AC/DC Intro + Rock or Bust Live Arnhem 5 May 2015 First concert in Europe

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


1.30pm. Schipol Airport - Matteo and Stefano are back on the road after almost 5 years

AC/DC are back in Europe! And so is AC/DC Abruzzo!

This will be another chance for all of us to see the greatest rock band in the world live on stage! Despite the sad events of the last few years AC/DC fans around the world will be blessed with another tour!

Last month we were lucky enough to attend both Coachella shows, which were basically "private concerts" with (almost) no AC/DC fans. We were impressed by the energy and the power of the band on stage after 5 years from the last show. But we all know that AC/DC belong to Europe and the concerts here will be much much better with the right crowd and the right Rock'nRoll vibes.

Tomorrow the tour will kick off in Arnhem, Holland. We will be there with most of our old friends from the Black Ice tour. We can't wait...

Nonno Alan and Uncle Michel, ready for another tour!

Italian mafia minus Marcom

6 pm

6.05 pm

Angus and the English bikers

Angus and the English bikers with horns

The setlist

According to Uncle Michel, Bart and other fans the band has rehearsed the following songs:

3 May 2015

4pm without Brian

- Dog eat dog
- R'N'R train
- Shoot to thrill

7pm complete show with intro, effects and pyro

- Intro
- Rock or bust
- Shoot to thrill
- Hell ain't a bad place to be
- Back in black
- Playball
- Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
- Thunderstruck
- High voltage
- R'N'R train
- Hell's bells
- Baptism by fire
- Sin city
- Shot down in flames
- You shook me all night long
- Have a drink on me
- Whole lotta rosie
- Let there be rock
- Highway to hell
- For those about to rock we salute you

5 May 2015

3pm (without Brian)
- Have a drink on
- High voltage
- Whole lotta rosie

From inside?

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Coachella 17 April 2015 - One week after....

One week after the EPIPHANY of the greatest rock'n'roll band of all times ("epiphany"in the sense of: "A revelatory manifestation of divine beings") we are still struggling to realize how lucky we were to be there...

We are now getting ready for the official European premier of the Rock or Bust World tour, with a proper AC/DC crowd and stage setup...

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